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Lisa Berry Blackstock
Lisa Berry Blackstock

Offices in California and Nevada

SOUL SHERPA provides all aspects of patient healthcare advocacy to clients from the wealthy to the needy, throughout the United States and with offices based in Southern California and Northern Nevada.
Lisa Berry Blackstock
Lisa Berry Blackstock

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Services we offer:
  • Background Research: Diagnosis, Medical Records, Treatment Options and more
  • Dental Advocacy (from dental decisions to billing problems)
  • End of Life Decisions, Planning, and Paperwork
  • Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
  • Guardianship / Conservatorship / Fiduciary Care
  • Health Insurance: Choices and Review
  • Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Insurance Claim Filing Assistance for Disability or Long Term Care
  • Integrative, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Mediation (Helping families manage health-related disagreements)
  • Medical / Navigational Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers.)
  • Medical Bills, Claims and Denials: Review, Reduction, Negotiation
  • Medical Tourism - global travel for medical care purposes, to, from or within the US or Canada
  • Medication Reviews: Prescription Drugs, Over-the-Counter, and Supplements
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assistance
  • Pain Management
  • Prevention (Prescription Drug Review, Health/Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss, Immunity, Others)
  • Shared Decision Making (formal process of benefit to patients - read more in SERVICES)
  • Last Wills, Trusts (Legal assistance)

SOUL SHERPA (R) provides 24/7 patient healthcare advocacy, consultation, and billing negotiation services. The company believes vitally important keys to successfully navigating our healthcare system today encompasses understanding the business and political alliances that affect the policies that run hospitals, medical insurance, physicians, and care facilities today.

The company’s newly-released healthcare consumer app, Dependable Doc(C) is a comprehensive educational app guiding patients and their loved ones through all areas affecting healthcare. The app provides not only medical, but legal, financial, insurance, and emotional tips so users can protect themselves with their care and finances. The app may be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play; see for content details and direct links to app stores.

Twenty-eight years of experience have allowed SOUL SHERPA (R) to hone the art and science of successfully crafting and executing strategies addressing various medical, emotional support, legal, insurance, and financial challenges facing each of its clients.

Founded in 1990 by Lisa Berry Blackstock, SOUL SHERPA (R), who underwent successful brain surgery in 2007 for trigeminal neuralgia, this healthcare advocacy company understands first-hand the complexities of a proper diagnosis and treatment, and well as pain management and recovery. Well versed in dealing with medical insurance companies regarding denied claims, Lisa appealed her own initially rejected claim with Blue Shield of California and won.

Should clients request overnight stays at a hospital, SOUL SHERPA (R) provides this service. A client’s discharge procedure and transition to home or healthcare facility is something SOUL SHERPA (R) thoroughly oversees.

Lisa tailors her health advocacy services to suit the unique needs of each client. SOUL SHERPA (R) has had the privilege to assist clients ranging between the ages of 36 and 104.



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