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Melynda Ruckels RN MSN
Melynda Ruckels RN MSN

Serving Northern California

We serve clients in CA to understand their diagnosis and options in health care.

Melynda Ruckels RN MSN

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Health Advocate's Code of Conduct

Alliance of Professional Health Advocates


Services we offer:
  • Background Research: Diagnosis, Medical Records, Treatment Options and more
  • Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
  • Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Integrative, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Mediation (Helping families manage health-related disagreements)
  • Medical / Navigational Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers.)
  • Medical Bills, Claims and Denials: Review, Reduction, Negotiation
  • Medication Reviews: Prescription Drugs, Over-the-Counter, and Supplements
  • Prevention (Prescription Drug Review, Health/Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss, Immunity, Others)
  • Cardiac and Thyroid and Hypnosis, Public Speaking

As an RN Patient Advocate I am a highly skilled clinical nurse with extensive experience to empower you in the healthcare system and to educate and assist you in what is happening with your care. I have an in-depth understanding of the complexities of the healthcare system and the ability to navigate within it. I work closely with you and your family to protect your healthcare rights and safety.

This is what I will do for you:

Advocate on your behalf with your doctors and hospitals, asking those questions most people do not know how to ask – this helps prevent medical errors.

Educate you on what is happening with your condition/diagnosis and what other therapeutic options might be helpful to you.

Attend doctor’s appointments with you, if you wish.

Connect the dots ensuring that every doctor knows what every other one is doing on your case. Faulty communication causes medical errors.

Analyze and organize ALL your medical records to create MEDiKey™, a chronology of your whole history. This is very helpful in connecting the dots between doctors when you go to the ER or when you travel.

Help to ensure an accurate diagnosis making sure that all necessary tests are ordered and not unnecessarily repeated.

Research all of your treatment options, educating you and your family, ensuring that you consult with the most appropriate doctors, so you make the best choice for your health.

Will spend time with you uncovering potential problems with your medications.

As an RN Patient Advocate I do not:

I do not make healthcare choices for you or your family.
I do not diagnose ailments, order treatments or replace the physician in any way.

I do not provide your total care in the hospital. As an RN Patient Advocate I advocate for you to safeguard your well-being. As an Advocate I am a complement to the hospital staff, not a replacement for it.

I do not replace the Social Worker, Physical Therapist or Nutritionist. As an RN Patient Advocate I work directly for you and will then collaborate with all members of your healthcare team to ensure your best possible treatment for the greatest outcomes.



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