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This directory provides access to independent, professional health / patient advocates and care managers to help you navigate the difficult and sometimes treacherous waters of the health care systems in the United States and Canada.

Whether you need assistance with your care, lack of care, or the cost of your care, find the help you need from a health /patient advocate, navigator, or care manager here in the AdvoConnection Directory.

We’ve been online for more than 10 years, helping patients, families, and caregivers find the help they need. We want to help you, too!

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My Advocate... asked questions of  the physician only  an informed person  would know to ask.



My Advocate... resolved years of  billing disputes with  my doctor within days  of receiving the  details of my case.


The AdvoConnection Directory is free to use.

Find advocates, navigators, and care managers located throughout the United States and Canada.

They are experienced, skilled, ethical, and insured members of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and are ready to help you overcome the care and cost hurdles you encounter while trying to get the good service and excellent care you deserve.

The services they provide include patient advocacy, navigation, case and care management, shared decision making, medical billing, insurance claims assistance, home health, eldercare services, pain management and palliative care consulting, mental health advocacy, dental advocacy, mediation services, and more.

Find a master list of services provided by these professionals.

Most charge a fee for their services.

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