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Getting Revenge in the Face of Malpractice

Sometimes when patients or caregivers do a search in the AdvoConnection Directory for an advocate to help them, they are unable to find someone. There are a number of reasons for that, such as believing an advocate needs to be local (she may not) or not finding someone who the searcher thinks has the skill set to help…

When searchers can’t find someone, they are invited to post a request for their “unmet needs”. We, the hosts of AdvoConnection, then post those requests so our member-advocates can review them, to see if they can offer help. When an advocate identifies that searcher as someone who can be helped, they will reach out to see whether there is a good fit of patient-to-advocate. Over the years, hundreds of patients have been helped in this fashion.

Unfortunately, there is ONE category of help that is requested too frequently – help that simply cannot be provided by health or patient advocates. It’s sad, and difficult, and rarely understood by the possibly desperate patient or loved one who is searching for help.

What can’t be provided is this: LEGAL help needed as a result of medical malpractice.

It’s NOT that every one of our advocate / care manager members wouldn’t want to help. They always want to help!

It’s because patient advocates and care managers aren’t lawyers.

Patient advocates offer help with your journey through the healthcare system – not the legal system.  And medical malpractice, especially if it’s expected to result in a lawsuit, is a legal need, not a healthcare need.

I write this post today as someone who suffered malpractice at the hands of the medical system myself. And while I understand the great frustration, anger, sadness, and exhaustion that results, I actually think there is a different approach that might improve the life of the poorly treated patient immensely.

That is not to say that legal channels shouldn’t be pursued. In many cases they should, although not through AdvoConnection.

However – and this is important – legal cases, especially medical malpractice, usually take years to adjudicate. They are not a quick fix, certainly. And sadly, they do absolutely nothing to improve the health or quality of life of the person who was harmed. If anything, they contribute to the sense of loss, anger, and frustration – emotions that can harm a patient’s health even further. And, too, they create a victim mindset. Never getting beyond that victim mindset is no way to live a life.

woman using laptop imageHere is an approach that will instead move a better life forward:

Get your own health and medical revenge!

How?  By being smart about your approach to the care that will fix the medical problem that resulted from the malpractice (as well as it can be fixed), and refusing to give up or give in to the system’s resistance to treat you.

Being smart means you consult with others who are experts at doing just that: making sure you get what you need in a fair and equitable way. Making sure you get the care you need and deserve, to improve your quality of life, to help you recover as much as possible, all of which will also serve to pull you out of the victim headspace, and into a healthier point-of-view.

If you can improve your health by getting the treatment you deserve and need, you will most definitely have a better life. You’ll be stronger and happier. And you’ll be in better shape to fight the good legal fight as needed.

Where do you find those experts to consult with?  Easy. In the AdvoConnection Directory. That’s their wheelhouse! Patient advocacy! They are waiting for you! They don’t need to be nearby; they just need to be willing to help you out.

Connect with an advocate or care manager. Improve your quality of life.

Happiness and healing are the best revenge!


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