About the AdvoConnection Directory

Navigating the healthcare maze is confusing and frustrating!

  • Have you been referred from specialist to specialist in search of answers with no one provider looking at the big picture?
  • Have you been confused by filing insurance claims, or simply figuring out which health insurance company or Medicare plans to choose?
  • Do you need someone to explain terminology, to interpret the “medspeak” used by providers.
  • Have you ever needed someone to accompany you to the doctor’s office or to sit with you in the hospital?
  • Have you uever received medical bills that you believed to be inaccurate and needed to be reduced or negotiated?
  • Do you have older parents, or younger adult children who live out of town and need help for yourself, or a loved one with failing health?

AdvoConnection was created for YOU – to help you find assistance for these challenges.

APHA logoThis site provides access to independent health and patient advocates, care managers, elder care advocates, medical billing advocates, legal and other forms of independent guidance to help you or your loved ones manage those many health care challenges.

They believe in (what we call) the Allegiance Factor. Unlike “advocates” and “patient representatives” who work for hospitals, or insurers, or even pharmaceutical companies, their allegiance is 100% to YOU, their client.

The AdvoConnection Directory lists profiles for the members of the premier professional advocacy organization, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocate (APHA). They have met certain requirements to be listed.

When no professional is available to help you, you are invited to make a request for the help you need.

There is no cost to you, the patient or friend or loved one of a patient, to do a search for a professional listed at AdvoConnection.com. Instead, members of APHA pay the cost of keeping this service online.

We welcome inquiries from media: Find information here.

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