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Yes, Sometimes the Doctor IS Wrong

This topic is very personal. In fact, over the years I have been affected by PTSD (post traumatic stress) because of it. But because it’s so personal, I may be the best person to share this lesson with you. My name is Trisha Torrey. 13 years ago this week, I found a lump on my torso, about the size of a golf ball. A surgeon removed it, it was sent off to the pathology lab …

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“Do Not Quote Me”

A few years ago I was at a picnic with a friend who is an orthopedist. The question was raised about whether advice given by doctors is always in the best interests of the patient. “Do not quote me,” was how he began his reply. At least that alerted me that he would give an honest opinion. What followed were a half dozen examples of times he had been forced to adjust his recommendations to …

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Will the Waiter Spit In Your Soup?

You’ve heard this fear before – that if you are too demanding of your waiter, or challenge him or her in any way, then he might spit in your soup as a form of revenge. Unfortunately, too many of us think the same of our doctors. As if, if we are difficult patients, then the doctor might metaphorically spit in our treatment soup; in other words, not provide for us what we need. Whether or …

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Does Your Doctor Seem Tired?

So we changed our clocks last night; lost an hour of sleep or an hour of our day. It’s Sunday, so at least most of us don’t have to go to work today, giving us a day to adjust. All day long we’ll look at the clock and think it seems weird. For many of us, the toughest part will be when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning, when we have to get up for …

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