When Your Doctor Goes Missing and Other Medical Conundrums: How to Take Command

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Summer vacation this year was comprised of two weeks on a road trip with my husband as we left our (new) home in Florida, drove north to Upstate New York, then home again, visiting family and friends along the way. It was one of those vacations that you thoroughly enjoy, but then, can’t wait to be home again!

This year I had an extra reason to want to be home. About halfway into the trip, my knee began to hurt, then ...

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Are You, a Friend, or Loved One “Battling” Cancer?

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Those of us who spend much of our time embroiled in some way within the healthcare system are reminded, over and over again, that not everyone sees themselves as a patient in the same way.

As in: you say “tomato” and I say “tomahto.”

I was reminded of this after reading this article from New York Magazine (BTW – not to be confused with the New York Times or other publications with “New York” in them.)  The article is entitled, Continue Reading →

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