Calling All Patient and Health Advocates and Care Managers!

The hundreds of private, independent care managers and advocates listed in the AdvoConnection Directory are experienced hand-holders, navigators, coaches, advisors, and counselors of all flavors.  They enjoy working with people to help them find their best outcomes from the healthcare system, and they have a true passion for their profession.

Does that describe you?  Are you an advocate or care manager who could use some support to start or grow your practice, who would like to network with others?

Or – have you considered becoming a health or patient advocate or care manager knowing how effectively you could help others while building your own practice?

If so, we invite you to join us! 

Who’s US? All the advocates found in this directory are members of APHA, the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.

And they aren’t the only members.  In fact, only about half of APHA’s members are actually working as independent patient advocates. (No advocates can be listed in our Directory until they meet our criteria, by demonstrating professionalism, a readiness to help, and their investment in conducting ethical business.) 

The Alliance welcomes individuals who are already working as advocates or care managers, and those who are considering advocacy as a career, too.

The other half of APHA members are in the thinking and planning stages, perhaps taking courses, networking with other advocates, developing business and marketing plans, and getting ready to be the next person listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.

 Care to learn more?  We hope you will!