Unable to Find the Help You Need?

if you can't find an advocate to help you


If your search has not resulted in finding an advocate to help you, then we will try to locate one who can help.

Please keep in mind:

1. We cannot promise to find an advocate for you but will do our best to locate one who can help you.

2. The advocates who contact you will charge you for their services. They are not volunteers; they are professionals who earn their living helping patients. Learn more about the costs involved.  If you are looking for free assistance, you may do better using one of these resources.

Fill out the form below.  Your general information (location and need) will be posted for our members.*  If one can help you, he or she will contact you to discuss your needs.


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*As always, any information you provide to us will remain confidential except to potential advocates. If they can help you, they will contact you through the email address or phone number you provide.  See our privacy policy.




Did You Know?

Advocates do not exist in every location in the United States or Canada.

Because advocacy as a private profession is so new, there aren’t enough advocates in all areas of the United States or Canada to serve the needs of all patients with all services. Currently advocates live and work in only about 35 states and 3 Canadian provinces.

If you have been unable to locate an advocate in your location, or one who offers the services you need, then we have additional ideas that may help youAdvocate Availability: Services and Locations