Meet Amie Hyman of Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors in Chicagoland

Whether you or your loved one needs help with doctor appointments, hospital or emergency room visits, health insurance claims or many other services, Amie has the skills and experience needed to help seniors get what they need, when they need it.

AdvoConnection recently interviewed Amie to learn more about her work and how she benefits seniors every day.


Amie, what made you want to be a patient advocate?

About 10 years ago, I brought my 83 year old mother from California to Chicago. I was fortunate in that I was self-employed at the time so I could afford the many hours it took to help her find new doctors and accompany her to appointments and the hospital.

I started thinking about all of the seniors who don’t have children or their children live in another state. What did they do when they needed this kind of help? I also knew that I was good at providing health advocacy services and I enjoyed it.

I have a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago. I have worked in the field in administrative, management and direct service capacities for more than 30 years. What really prepared me, however, is when my mother moved here from California. She was taking 16 medications and her medical conditions spanned two typed pages. She needed my help sometimes 20-30 hours a week. In addition, I am very organized and detail oriented and these characteristics are very important to do this type of work.

When a patient or caregiver calls you, what do you listen for?
I work primarily with seniors. The clients that benefit the most from my services are seniors who don’t have children, their children live in another state or are just too busy to help.

Will you share a success story – a real victory in your work?

Claudia needed to have knee surgery. She was 80 years of age, her husband had passed away and she did not have children.

I arranged all of her pre-op appointments and accompanied her to all of the appointments. I ensured that she had all of the necessary clearances from her doctors. I made sure that she had everything she needed to prepare for the surgery the night before and the morning of the operation, including new medications. I wrote the instructions out clearly for her so there would be no misunderstandings. I took her to the hospital, communicated regularly with the doctors and nurses during her stay and made sure they took care of Claudia’s unique needs. I found an appropriate nursing home for her rehabilitation after surgery and filled out all of the admission paperwork for her signature.Heartfelt Solutions for Seniors

Claudia stayed in rehab for one month. I spoke regularly with her doctors, nurses, social worker and therapists and made sure they were taking great care of her. I visited her, brought her mail and clean clothes at least once a week. The surgery and her rehab were a complete success and she is now living safely back at home.

Claudia was lucky to have your assistance. It’s hard to imagine she would have survived her ordeal so well without your help, Amie…. Any last words to share with us?

I love nothing more than to hear a client or family member tell me, “What would I do without you?!!” That’s how I know I’ve done my job.

Amie is ready to help you or your loved one, too.
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