Meet Annette Ticoras, MD
Guided Patient Services in Columbus, Ohio

If you seek a physician to guide you through difficult medical situations, you’ll want to connect with Dr. Annette Ticoras. She can help translate or interpret diagnoses and treatment options into terms that patients and their caregivers can understand, and help coordinate care and navigate through the often confusing and overwhelming health care arena.

AdvoConnection recently interviewed Annette and learned more about the services she provides, and her work with patients and families.

Annette, what made you want to be a patient advocate?

After years of training and practice as a physician, I founded Guided Patient Services in 2014 so that I could use my experience and personal passion to help my clients in ways that I felt unable to before.

I’ve seen the peace of mind and empowerment that comes with greater understanding of one’s own healthcare. With the flood of complicated information people receive—often under a state of duress—they need a translator! Even more so when they are faced with life-altering decisions!

That is my primary focus with my clients. I want them to fully comprehend their medical situation so that they may make their own best choices regarding their health and well being.

I don’t think that I would be the advocate I am if it were not for my training and practice as an internal medicine physician. As a primary care physician, I was responsible for coordinating my patients total health care. This experience in managing a large diverse care team, along with complex plans, allows me to efficiently and competently navigate today’s health system on behalf of my clients.

Is there a client profile you find most rewarding to work with?

Some of my most rewarding cases have involved the “elder orphan.” Because of their life circumstances (with no immediate family or trusted friends close by), these people find themselves without the support they both need and want when faced with a health crisis. I coordinate and accompany clients to medical appointments and make certain that health concerns are addressed and care plans carried out. If a client is in a care facility, hospitalized or undergoing treatment, I am able to act as their liaison with the health care team and ensure coordination of care.

Some clients and families in this situation have reached out to me not in the wake of any diagnosis or health problem, but simply as a measure of due diligence in planning for the future. In their case, when the need presents itself, I am set up and able to step in and provide the support and guidance they need.

Do you have any success stories to share that can showcase your work and how your client benefited?

I served a female client in her 40s as she faced the challenge of breast cancer—it seems like nothing paralyzes an individual more than a cancer diagnosis. She found herself in this all-consuming personal health crisis while still caring for young children and supporting aging parents.

She, like many, had always been the caregiver and was now unexpectedly thrown into the role of cancer patient. This was very unfamiliar territory and making her own health a priority was difficult. She reached out to me because she felt bombarded with well-intentioned information and care options.

With very little understanding and time, she was asked to make life-or-death decisions. I stepped in and helped her process the information and options at hand, which allowed her to regain a sense of control over her health and her life. It was invaluable to the client to know that she was now able to make knowledgeable and personalized choices about her treatment. Having an advocate provided her with confidence, support and peace of mind.

Any last words to share with us?

The mission of Guided Patient Services, Inc. is to provide unsurpassed health advocacy and navigation to clients in an environment that promotes patient empowerment and knowledgeable decision making.

Guided Patient Services’ company philosophy is to treat clients like family. This includes an unwavering practice of empathy, honesty, patience, integrity and caring.

I am honored to be at the side of my clients and their families, and to be trusted during a time of great confusion, uncertainty and fear. It is my privilege to bring understanding, support and peace of mind to my clients.

Annette is ready to help you or your loved one, too.
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