Meet Bridget Krueger from KaleidoCare Solutions in the Madison, Wisconsin Area

From care coordination, diagnosis and treatment research, to reviewing and negotiating medical bills, Bridget Krueger from Kaleidocare Advocacy and Navigation Solutions can help you improve your health care, and help you manage your health costs, too. Their services span the entire complex healthcare system, including medical bill interpretation and negotiation, insurance appeal assistance, treatment and provider research, clinical trial research, disability assistance, care coordination, appointment accompaniment, bedside assistance, family liaison, etc.

AdvoConnection recently interviewed Bridget to learn more about the services she provides, and her work with patients and families.




Bridget, what made you want to be a patient advocate?

I have worked in healthcare for my entire professional career. I have always had a passion for helping people when they are most vulnerable and need someone loyal and dependable to turn to.

I started my professional healthcare career as a Radiation Therapist and moved into other areas. It became clear how complex the system is and how, no matter how hard anyone on the “inside” tries to help, patients still fall through the cracks. As their advocate, I am able to use my skills to help patients act like “insiders” to the system so that they can receive the best care and outcomes for their unique situations.

Is there a client profile you find most rewarding to work with?

Kaleidocare logoI really enjoy helping anyone who has just had enough, and is looking for, and is open to help. I come from a small town, have children, and have loved working with people from all walks of life. Each person brings such a unique story and my company can offers them assistance when they need it most.

I love helping clients feel empowered by giving them information and resources to help them with a situation.

Do you have any success stories to share that can showcase your work and how your client benefited?

Here is a story that represents a scenario found way too often by cancer patients. My client had been diagnosed but there was a problem in our city finding an oncologist who would work with her insurer, and that was holding up her ability to be treated. Her choice of physicians was considered out-of-network, but I was able to facilitate the relationship between my client’s insurance and the physician so she could receive the treatment she needed.

Then the bills began to come in and they seemed so arbitrary! I insisted we receive itemized bills, then I went through all the codes and dates, found a number of errors and corrected them. We then worked to put my client on a payment plan that would not overwhelm her.

Ultimately my client got the treatment she needed and she was able to manage her corrected medical bills.

Any last words to share with us?

I have a favorite quotation that describes how I approach my work: Show up in every single moment like you’re meant to be there. (Marie Forleo)

I continue to gain traction for my business in the Madison, WI area. I’m building my team of professional patient advocates to serve patients and families who can turn to us for any of their advocacy needs. They will know that they have the best of the best working for them and with them.

Bridget is ready to help you or your loved one, too.
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